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Welcome to Ultimate Breed Bullies, a family-owned XL American Bully kennel located in Carencro, Louisiana. Our passion for these incredible dogs runs deep, and our commitment to producing only the highest quality pups is unwavering. At Ultimate Breed Bullies, we pride ourselves on having some of the rarest bloodlines and color variations in the world. Each one of our dogs is raised with love and care, ensuring they grow up to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted members of your family.

Bbk's Blosson❌ Exusite Bully's Jr

Puppies Due April 19th

This breeding between Blossom and JR is truly exceptional, as both dogs possess show quality features and come from top-notch bloodlines. Blossom, a stunning chocolate tri-colored merle, brings a unique and eye-catching look to the mix. JR, also a chocolate tri, is the offspring of the legendary Grand Champion Rockomania, adding a prestigious pedigree to the litter. The combination of these two dogs' exceptional features and pedigrees promises to produce puppies with outstanding qualities. The breeding was carefully planned to enhance the bully look, and we have high hopes for the outcome of this phenomenal pairing. With puppies due on March 19, 2024, they will be registered with the ABKC, ensuring their pedigree and quality are recognized in the show ring. We are excited to see the results of this breeding and are confident that the offspring will inherit the best traits from both Blossom and JR, creating a new generation of top-quality show dogs.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ultimate Breed Bullies is simple yet profound: to provide exceptional XL American Bully companions that bring joy, loyalty, and fulfillment to every family they join.

Black XL American Bully
Black XL American Bully

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