Our Studs

Stud Bullies often referred to simply as "studs," are male dogs that have been selected for their exceptional qualities and suitability for breeding purposes. These distinguished individuals play a vital role in the propagation and advancement of the Bulldog breed.

  • Introducing Khaza, our stunning lilac tri Merle stud, weighing an impressive 115 pounds. With his unique coloring and outstanding structure, he embodies the perfect XL American Bully standard. Khaza stands at 20 inches in height, with a head measuring 27 inches, making him a true standout in the Bully world. Not only is he a visual masterpiece, but he also possesses the perfect temperament, getting along famously with kids and other dogs. His distinctive feet and head set him apart, adding to his overall impressive appearance. Meet Khaza, our beloved stud and prized member of our family.
grey american xl bully
kaza american xl bully